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Random Acts of (holiday) Art -Day 2 of 100happydays.


giant ornament

As a photographer and a painter, I am always envious of large-scale sculptors or installation artists. It takes a lot of courage to put your work on display for the general public to look at while they are out on the streets shopping or picking up lunch. It takes a special kind of courage to act as a gorilla-artist and put that work on display out in the open without ever being paid for your efforts. In my neighborhood, some unknown artist or group of artists decided to put up this amazing 12-foot holiday ornament complete with colorful lights with the sole intent of spreading a bit of cheer to passersby. I for one am very grateful for their efforts. Thanks random anonymous artist(s), you rock!

PRESENTS! -Day 1 of 100happydays


day 1

Ah, presents and the joys of gift giving!

Although I am clear that there is so much more to the Spirit of Christmas than buying or making gifts to give to our loved ones, presents are a very big part of the holiday season. When else do we dedicate so much of our time and effort solely to focusing on seeking out clothing, tools, toys, and gadgets purely for the purpose of bringing happiness to others? For various reasons, I personally did not give or get any presents this year, however, I can usually be found getting carried away with gift giving. I love searching for that perfect gift for someone special, scouring for the absolute best rock bottom prices, and gift wrapping myself into a fine frenzy until each and every package looks like a perfect work of art. Now that Christmas is officially over in most parts of the world, it does my heart good to think of the little ones resting comfortably in their beds with visions of their favorite new gift dancing in their dreams. Tomorrow they will awake ready to give that new toy or gift yet another spin. Christmas mavens like myself will also rise early to hit the stores or the internet intent on getting a head start on spotting great bargains on next year’s presents with a bit of a smile and a lightness of heart.

Road Tripping: Best Rest Area Ever



On I-75 North somewhere between Florida and Tennessee stands one awesome Georgia rest stop. I suppose it more of a Visitors Center actually, complete with maps, pamphlets, friendly Georgia tourism information agents and exceptionally clean restrooms.


The best part is the comfy chill-out area with flat screen tv and groovy leather sofas complete with lumbar support. I’ve got to admit, it was pretty hard to get back behind the wheel of the rental car after stretching my legs in such a swanky rest stop.


If only I could remember exactly where it is, so that I could be sure to stop back by during my next road trip. Thanks to this place, I’ve definitely “got Georgia on my mind.”


Have you come across any awesome rest areas on your recent road trips?

Happy Easter Monday!

cc  photo by zoonabar

cc photo by zoonabar

Today is Easter Monday, also known as Bright Monday or Renewal Monday.

Easter Monday is observed in many areas around the world including Canada, Poland and France. In these countries you’ll find lots of people off from work and out in their neighborhoods enjoying traditions such as Divine Liturgies, religious processions and feasting with family and friends.

My favorite way to spend Easter Monday? Checking out amazing Easter trees on Pinterest. It’s not exactly a tradition, but it is crazy addictive! What’s your favorite Easter activity or tradition?

easter tree pins

(almost) Wordless Wednesday: Looking Up at the Chicago Cultural Center


Photo by Ramona Pozek
The Chicago Cultural Center’s Bradley Hall showcases the largest Tiffany dome in the world.

Photo by Ramona Pozek
This amazing 38-foot Tiffany glass dome was designed by artist J. A. Holtzer in 1897.

Photo by Ramona Pozek
More information on The Chicago Cultural Center.

The Mural Art of Pilsen: Part 3


photo by Ramona Pozek

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” -Pablo Picasso


photo by Ramona Pozek

photo by Ramona Pozek

photo by Ramona Pozek

photo by Ramona Pozek


photo by Ramona Pozek

photo by Ramona Pozek

Sitting Pretty On A New York Chair


My Brooklynite bestie from high school would be the first to point out that New York City is not exactly my most favorite city in the world—sorry New York. But I will have to admit that I do love this chair with its throw pillow featuring the New York skyline. It would be awesome in a room featuring a similarly styled San Francisco chair along side a Paris sofa. I am confident that both of those exist somewhere.

Which brings to mind a question. How come we never see home furnishings inspired by cities like, say, Peoria Illinois, Butte Montana, or Lizard Lick North Carolina?

lizard lick effect

So, tell me, what city would you like to sit on?


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