3 Inch Heels for the Journey

As I round up the packing for my upcoming RTW journey,  I am forced to leave behind prized belongings that I simply can’t take with me.  Due my tiny  budget for this trip of volunteer travel, I sadly will also have to leave behind many treasures that don’t belong to me and possibly never will, especially when you consider that they may not even be available a year from now.  A perfect example is this fabulous pair of pewter pumps by Enigma. No doubt these shoes will be of no use to me while repainting the Everglades Eco-hostel or caring for aging circus tigers at the Big Cat Sanctuary or trekking up Machu Picchu. Surly a girl can dream, can’t she? Maybe I could snuggle up in my sleeping bag with these babies under my pillow.

Pewter Enigma Pumps available at Shoegasm