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Vegas, San Diego and Houston: Best Trip I Never Took.


About a month ago, the tickets were all booked but… One week before we were ready to set off on our first excursion in nearly 2 years, my husband and I got sick. Not just, a bit of a cough, sick. But a gut wrenching, head swimming, lung rattling, day losing, hot and cold sweats, kind of sick. It happened to us both. My husband was the first to go down, like a stunned 1000 lb. buffalo. Before I could...

Road Tripping: Best Rest Area Ever

Georgia Rest Stop

On I-75 North somewhere between Florida and Tennessee stands one awesome Georgia rest stop. I suppose it more of a Visitors Center actually, complete with maps, pamphlets, friendly Georgia tourism information agents and exceptionally clean restrooms. The best part is the comfy chill-out area with flat screen tv and groovy leather sofas complete with lumbar support. I’ve got to admit, it was pretty hard to get back behind the wheel of the rental car after stretching my legs in such...

Sitting Pretty On A New York Chair

My Brooklynite bestie from high school would be the first to point out that New York City is not exactly my most favorite city in the world—sorry New York. But I will have to admit that I do love this chair with its throw pillow featuring the New York skyline. It would be awesome in a room featuring a similarly styled San Francisco chair along side a Paris sofa. I am confident that both of those exist somewhere. Which brings...