Fireworks and the life lessons they bring

neighborhood fireworkss

It’s the 4th of July and outside my door my neighbors are celebrating by hosting a slew of homemade firework shows from their backyards.

I, being a bit weepy about my current romantic situation, fell asleep a couple of hours ago only to be awaken by the loud crackle of pyrotechnics. Knowing that fireworks would lift me out of my gloominess, I rushed to put on my shoes so I could get outside to witness.

It is amazing how no matter your age, the sight of fireworks instantly turns you into a 6-year-old again. Since I didn’t know who would be hosting the best firework display, I found myself circling like a dazed bee, trying in vain to catch a glimpse of what was going on. I hurried to the left, then the right, over to the north, then back again. But I kept missing it.

It wasn’t until I finally decided to head over to a random clearing and stay put, that I was really able to enjoy whatever fireworks came my way. Was it the best in the neighborhood? Who knows. Was it anything like the million dollar display in DC? Definitely not. But like a magical gift from the heavens, one sparkling display after the other shone brightly above my head. Every once in a while, I could even turn to my left or my right and get a bonus view of a show going on further in the distance.

This experience is so relevant for me in my life right now.

I’ve been so worried about what I have been missing in my life, places I haven’t seen and money I haven’t made, that I have missed out on the magic that was occurring in my life right at the moment. I regret allowing some truly special experiences and people slip through my fingertips while focusing on what was happening ‘out there’ or could be happening in the future.

Even now, it’s tempting to look back and wish I could reclaim those lost moments, but the truth is, life isn’t filmed before a studio audience and unfortunately, those moments have passed. Each moment I spend trying to relive the past is a moment that I spend missing out on right now.

It’s a hard lesson for me personally, but I am learning. Even if it’s slowly.

We all have things that we are working for, maybe even racing toward, in life. And while it may seem that these things aren’t coming to us quickly or easily enough. We’ve got to remember to lift our noses out of the grindstone, take at least one eye off the prize, or perhaps even, step out of our gloom long enough to stop, look up and enjoy the magical blessings showing up all around us.