Eataly Chicago: The Epcot Center of Italian Foodie Markets


I adore Italian food and could spend an entire day watching those cooking shows featuring chefs of Italian cuisine whipping up their Molto Magic. When I heard that celebrity chefs Lidia Bastianich and Mario Batali recently teamed up to bring their signature Eataly market to Chicago, I had to check it out. Eataly Chicago is 63,000 square feet of artisanal cheeses, meats, pastas, sweets, olive oils, wines, cookbooks, utensils and more. Located on Ohio Street in downtown Chicago, the concept...

Am I the only one who does this?

Recently I started using Instagram on my cell phone. It took me a while because I have an Android and I thought that Instagram was only for iPhoners. So one day I was taking the really long “el” train ride into the city for traffic court (long story… okay, maybe not that long ) and I discovered the app in Google Play just waitin’ for a download. As it turns out, Instagram for Android is pretty awesom. Oh, I am sure it doesn’t do...