What every fierce frosty girl wants: Swedish beauty secrets

From the frosty land of Sweden comes M Picaut Precious Oil, winner of the Swedish TARA Beauty Awards “2010 Best Serum of the Year”.

This wonder serum is filled with lipo-peptides (naturally occurring amino acids), as well as luscious certified organic apricot kernel, jojoba and sea buckthorn oils. Although little known in America, sea buckthorn has been used in ancient Chinese herbal remedies to help to slow skin aging.

M Picaut Precious Oil is an anti-aging serum that nourishes the skin, stimulates collagen regeneration and works to diminish fine lines. Its exceptional combination of ingredients make up a perfect magical elixir for keeping your face nourished and supple during those grueling winter months and a never ending “spinter”.

The line’s creator Mette Picaut is a Swedish born fashion model of the late 80’s and 90’s, who later trained in accupunture and traditional Chinese medicine. She’s a bit of an expert on giving fierce face in the most frigid conditions.

Though not currently sold in the States, M Picaut’s skincare line and many other delectable beauty products a can be found on a fabulous website that I love called eleven.