A Bright Idea! Watts Of Love

watts of love

Did you know that over a billion people live without light after the sun goes down? Families in countries all around the world struggle to survive on the light of a single kerosene lamp the size of a baby food jar. What’s worse is that these kerosene jars provide very little light while emitting toxic fumes that can lead to neurological damage and blood clots after long-term exposure. In the most desperate situations, a family can spend 65% of its yearly income on this extremely dangerous flammable fuel which poses a risk of fires, burn injuries, and illness or death from ingestion by small children.

wattsoflove solutions

Inspired to make a change, jewelry designer and creative entrepreneur Nancy Economou wanted to find a way to help. She figured out that she could design and manufacture a solar lantern that families could use to light their homes safely. Nancy created Watts of Love, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing free sustainable, safe solar lighting products to families in need around the world. So far, Nancy and Watts of Love have piloted safe sustainable solar lighting projects in Mozambique, Haiti, the Philippines and Ghana. Nancy is a brilliant inspiration, proving that it just takes one bright idea to make a difference!