Me on the Rheine River at 8 years old
Me on the Rheine River at 8 years old


The global diva is about glamorous global livingwomen’s  travel, delicious global recipes and amazing global art & decor.

The global diva is, me, Ramona Pozek.

A girl born to travel. A beauty artist & entrepreneur. A photographer & jewelry designer. A theater & film performer. A writer & teacher. A student of language & culture. An admirer of artists, designers & creatives who are influenced by cultures from all around the world.

Most of all, I’m a hungry girl with a seat (and a fork) at the world’s kitchen table.

I took my first solo passenger flight at age 7 and I’ve pretty much had my head in the clouds and my luggage packed for travel, ever since.

For me, the global diva is about discovering secrets to being “Fabulous in all Time Zones™!”.

Thanks for joining me in the adventure.