(almost) Wordless Wednesday: Comfort

Biscuit Finds Comfort
Biscuit Finds Comfort

Recently, the Hubs and I were host to a temporary house guest, Biscuit the Happy Hound. Though a very gentle pup and quite the old man (he’s 13), he was a bit restless in his new surroundings until he happened upon his familiar teddy bear from home.

After he found it, it wasn’t long before he was snuggled in for a long nap in his temporary home away from home.

Biscuit reminds me of myself.

I love to travel, but it takes me a while to settle in. Since I was a kid, I would always have to “piddle or putz around” for most of the night. I have this ritual of setting up house in my hotel room or corner of the hostel, before I am able to feel relaxed enough to sleep there.

I know it’s silly, but I always wake up in the middle of the night and when I do, I like to see my things living happily in the space.

What about you? Any travel rituals? Or do you bring along your own comfort token like Biscuit