Be Brave! Join me in adoring Amsha

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I recently watched a TEDtalk on how to start a movement. Maybe you’ve seen it. In the 3 minute talk, Derek Sivers proposes that while a movement does require the audaciousness of one person who is willing to get out there and get the ball rolling, — he uses a video of a shirtless dude dancing crazily in public to illustrate his point– one person, however, does not a movement make. He further illustrates that the actions of that one person rolling a ball is just that, one person rolling a ball until the second person, also known as the first recruit, has the guts (or the sympathy whichever the case may be) to join in.


In the video example, the brave first recruit gets up not knowing if any additional recruits will follow suit and begins dancing in tandem with the first ball rolling shirtless dancing dude. This, in turn, makes it easier for the next few recruits to join in. This group soon becomes the new IN crowd and the movement gains momentum. Now the place to be has become the space of crazy-dance dancing rather than the space of onlookers on looking nearby.

So when Laura Walker of the blog A Wandering Sole mentioned that only 5 days ago she launched the website for her fair-trade accessories company called Amsha, I though here’s my chance to be brave and be first (or at least one of the first) to join the dance.

Amsha Studio
Amsha Studio

After spending several months living and traveling in Kenya and South Africa, Laura was inspired to start a company that would help participating artisans in those countries to gain acces to educational opportunities for thier children. Laura, along with her best friend Emily Phillips and East African business partner Fred Bary, started Amsha with a mission to provide consumer awareness, as well as, skills training, micro-lending, and an eco-friendly business model to the artisans it empowers.

Frankly, I find Laura’s journey to be very inspirational. I think that everyone receives a call to give of themselves or to work towards making a difference in the world, but most of us, including me, put it off due to circumstances.

I salute Laura for following her voice and her heart. So join me in shopping, supporting and getting the word out about Amsha. Be brave and join the dance!

Post script: To my subscribers who received a typo-riddled draft of this post in your inbox a couple of days ago- my sincerest apologizes. I was attempting to edit using the WordPress app on my droid phone and I inadvertently hit publish instead of save (or at least I think that’s what happened. Ah, the perils of being an analog girl in a digital world. Thanks for putting up with me…