Happy Easter Monday!

Easter Monday

Today is Easter Monday, also known as Bright Monday or Renewal Monday. Easter Monday is observed in many areas around the world including Canada, Poland and France. In these countries you’ll find lots of people off from work and out in their neighborhoods enjoying traditions such as Divine Liturgies, religious processions and feasting with family and friends. My favorite way to spend Easter Monday? Checking out amazing Easter trees on Pinterest. It’s not exactly a tradition, but it is crazy...

Cheers to winter Chills!

To finish the weekend, I thought I’d send my inner snow queen off with a toast. Truthfully the weather was pretty pleasant in my hometown today, but my heart goes out to girls in Denver and New England who had to endure the dreaded “sprinter” weekend snowfall. So I felt obligated to find the perfect libation for the occasion. According to Ok Magazine a popular cocktail of movie stars out enjoying the snow-capped mountains of Utah during Sundance is the...