Easter Trees

One of my favorite German traditions from when I was a kid was the Easter Tree. The idea is to blow the yolk out of raw eggs through pinholes, carefully decorate them like regular Easter eggs, and then hang them from strings. Willow branches tucked in a vase are normally used as the “tree”.
I try to do this every year but I have been so busy and kind of lazy about unpacking my decorations. Plus, I could hardly find willow branches for sale at the market this year, it must have something to do with the unseasonably warm weather we’ve had.

I almost didn’t bother with it today, but it felt so nice to get out in the yard, gather up what ever branches I could find and create this tree. It’s not much, but it was rather fun. Now you may ask, “Does this count as day 1 of my 30- day creativity challenge?”… Well it didn’t really take a lot of time or turn out as I had planned…so… YES!… Yes, it does!

Here are some trees that do the tradition a bit more justice.

Easter Tree by Pottery Barn Kids

Volker Kraft's 10,000 egg tree in Saalfeld, Germany