Friday Favs: 5 Francophiles Worth Following

Are you in need of a Franco fix?

Here are 5 of my favorite blogger/travelers/photographers whose take on life and travel in France will definitely put the “Ooh” back in your “la la” blahs:

1. Paris: People, Places and Bling: Theadora Brack enthusiastically posts about the shopping, open-air markets, art, cuisine, and cinema of fabulous Paris.

2. Cooking in Sens: A Foodie blog by a Texas expat who is currently located in Sens, France and loving it.

3. Food, Photography & France: From the heart of the Southern Vendée, France photography master Roger Stowell delights with visually stunning images of French life and gastronomic heavenliness.

4. Prêt à Voyager: I have been following American designer / editor /consultant  Anne Stark Ditmeyer for 4 years. Her blog has everything that you would want to read about the creative, experiential, and kitschy sides to life in France and beyond.

5. The Paris Apartment: Companion blog to The Paris Apartment boutique, books and website franchise. A must stop for a daily dose of French décor, romantic vignettes, and musings by  creative genius and uber Francophile Claudia Strasser.

Happy weekend!

Au revoir!