Gimme a clean Slate! …with a timely towelette.

National Lampoons Vacation

Several years ago, I took off on a cross-country road trip with some friends. After our first night of non-stop driving, we stopped at a rest area to freshen up. My girlfriends and I found ourselves in the ladies room trying to discretely juggle our lotions and potions with one hand while keeping those pesky faucet handles pressed down with the other.

After struggling for nearly a half hour, we descended from the restroom with a bevy of wet bathroom towels only to find our male companion still in the car giving himself a head-to-toe wipe down with, you guessed it… a single wet nap.

Though utterly ridiculous at first, after about 3 days into the trip our male companion’s wet nap “boy logic” was beginning to make more and more sense.

Now, I am not proposing that anyone start conducting their morning routine with wet naps from Famous Dave’s Barbeque, but I will say that after that trip, I never go anywhere without baby wipes in the car (and I don’t even have a baby).

I am also, now, a huge fan of those new disinfecting cart wipes that you find in most “big box” and grocery stores.

Lately, I’ve even taken to stocking facial cleansing clothes in my makeup kit. It’s a rare thing to get a client after 5am who isn’t already wearing some kind of make up and it prevents having to send her off to the bathroom sink with cleanser and a towel.

Today, you can find facial towelettes infused with a host of healthful skin treatments for every skin type. Towels have always been better than just soap and water at removing residue and exfoliating dead skin. Plus with towelettes, you are always insured of using a cloth that’s fresh and clean with each use… No more worrying where the heck that hotel washcloth has been just before you use it on your face.

If you are flying, you can thwart those prying TSA agents and skip transferring many of your toiletries into impossibly small carry-on bottles by using pre-packaged towelettes instead. In fact, you can find handy towelettes for just about all of your needs while out of town.

There are towelettes containing sunscreen, feminine hygiene towels (so you can take care of things in the privacy of your bathroom stall), insect repellant wipes and even self-tanner towels.

Guys can get in on the fun as well, La Fresh offers One Day Stay Travel Packets For Him complete with a towel containing shaving gel, a shoe shine towelette, a Deodorant towel for Men and my personal favorite, the Minty Mitt -Dental Finger Mitt. So Men, it’s time to dump that wet nap and get your man-scaping on! Leaving the car is optional.

La Fresh also makes a Day Stay Pack for women, too.