Global Art: Paris In Color

Nicole Robertson of the Little Brown Pen

Nicole Robertson is my Paris living, photo taking, fashion blogging, book writing, Etsy selling-hero. She kind of makes doing it all look a bit effortless, okay, maybe I hate her just a tiny bit.

When I first blogged about her Etsy shop The Paris Print Shop, which features amazing photo prints of all things Parisian organized by color, I remember thinking I wanted to buy them all. Lucky for me, I don’t have to and neither do you.

Paris in Color available on Amazon

Paris In Color is a gorgeous 128-page photo book filled with Nicole’s favorite pics from the 3-year photo project that she has featured on The Paris Print Shop and her blog Little Brown Pen.

In her book, Nicole describes how inspiring it was to wake up everyday during her three year stay in Paris, explore the French neighborhoods and capture these wonderful images for her project and subsequent book. Though she and her family now live in Jersey, she travels back often to continue her quest to capture the charm, design, architecture and iconic imagery of Paris in photos.

Paris Photography Set -Orange from The Paris Print Shop

When I go to bed tonight, I will click my heels three times, wish on a star and hope to wake up in Paris ready to capture some images of my own. And if that doesn’t work, (what? that could totally work! …) I am glad to have Nicole’s shop, blog and book around for magical inspiration.

Paris Market Set from The Paris Print Shop