Global Style: Prague's Petticoat Junction

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I recently came across a website featuring adorable modern girls in skillfully coiffed bouffants, ruby red lips and petticoat skirts of a 50’s era gone by. One look at the style of these sexy June-Cleaver-esque-sirens and I was immediately hooked!

Photo by Czech blog

The apparent brain child of Prague based designer Hana Beranová, the dresses of Lazy Eye are inspired by the iconic 1950’s American woman while being constructed from more practical modern fabrics. This new sassy take on a classic look has become quite the rage in the region and the dresses of Lazy Eye have been featured in many national publications, including Marie Claire Czech Republic magazine.

If you love these dresses as much as I do and you want explore your sexy retro-nista, check out the Lazy Eye website for more information. Warning: the site is written entirely in Czech so you may want to pull up Google Translate for a little help.

You can always contact Lazyeye’s owner directly. I think it’s fair to say that she speaks at least a little English:
Hana Beranová
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