Hanging out in Chinatown.

Chinatown figures

Everyone knows that despite which ever city you live in, if it has a Chinatown, it can be kind of kitschy. I know, I know, Chinatown is for tourists. IMG_20150608_195114_993The one in Chicago is pretty much the same. Its not as though I’ve been avoiding this great little neighborhood just south of the loop, but admittedly it’s been years since I have spent any real time here.IMG_20150608_195012_275 Truthfully, I had forgotten how much fun Chicago’s Chinatown can be on a lazy Monday evening. Sure its a tourist trap, but where else can you get your Hello Kitty fix, overdose on fruit smoothies packed with black tapioca the size of your head, and find laughing Buddhas of every shape, size and color, all before sitting down to some delicious Dim Sum?

IMG_20150608_195049_249Chicago’s Chinatown may not be as big as some the ones in other American cities, but every square foot is jammed packed with restaurants, shops and grocery stores, and it is definitely a worth while way to spend your day. For more  info on Chicago’s Chinatown check out: http://chicagochinatown.org/.


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