Hot Shoes from Iceland

Photo by Saga Sig courtesy of Kron by KronKron

In my recent search and dare I add, obsession, over everything Iceland, I landed on these amazing shoes by Kron by KronKron. This fanciful shoe line is design byParis fashion school graduate Hugrún Árnadóttir and hairstylist Magni Þorsteinsson.

Kron by KronKron Multi Wedge

Based in Reykjavik, the pair opened the boutique KronKron in hopes of showcasing up and coming designers as well as bringing a bit of high fashion to their local market. In a few short years the boutique grew and they began successfully designing their own line of shoes and tights as well. The brand has most recently added a small collection of equally inspired dresses.

Kron By KronKron

A colorful ancient Nordic influence in apparent in this line. The romantic and whimsical nature of thee design coupled with the use of so many textures is a collage for the girly girl’s soul. You are sure to feel like a living doll or a sassy cartoon character when wearing these wonderful shoes.

photo by Saga Sig for Kron By KronKron

You can purchase Kron by KronKron shoes through their site or by limited quantities at