I am hosting a Travel Inspired Beauty Giveaway!

Why, you say? What’s the occasion?

Mostly because it’s about time.

I love giveaways, contests and freebies as you have may have noticed from recent posts. When I started this blog, I had always intended to host giveaways. As a beauty artist and savvy shopper, I have a beauty collection of new products and samples that would make any glamazon green with envy.

So the truth is, I have been putting it off because it’s one more thing in the blogoshpere that I had to figure out. What are the rules? How long do I hold it for? Which products to start with? What are other bloggers doing? If you are fellow blogger, I’m sure you know what I mean.

I am a perfectionist and a worrier so this could go on forever… if I let it… so let’s not let it, shall we?

Here’s the skinny! Or in this case, the flat.

I am giving away a 6-piece travel appropriate beauty kit that includes five Styli-Style Flat Pencils and one Styli-Style Sharpener.

This is a versatile eye/lip pencil that I love having in my pro kit.
Styli-Style Flat Pencil is the winner of Cosmopolitan Magazine’s Beauty Award of 2003. At a suggested retail value of $45, this kit features jet-setting colors in Rome, Tokyo, New York, Madrid and Berlin.

styli-style.com says:

*Achieve a thick & thin line in one pencil
*Unique shape provides greater precision and much more control in application.
*Use thick side for eyeshadow and lipstick application
*Use thin side to line eyes and lips
*Use the edge for the ultimate kajal look
*Women now have a lip liner and lipstick in one color
*100% Waterproof

My goal is to make this giveaway super easy and maybe a little fun. So here’s how you can enter:

1. Post a comment below.

I never know what to say in comments (social media retardation perhaps?… lol). So here are some topics:
a.)Describe your style, i.e. “my style is flirty” or “my style is hoochie fabulous”. -OR-
b.)You can name your most beautiful body part, i.e. eyes, nose, elbow, etc. -OR-
c.)Since these pencils were inspired by awesome travel worthy cities, you can list your favorite or dream travel destination.

That’s it! One word answers are fine.

2. Follow and Tweet on Twitter

For a bonus entry you can also, ‘follow + tweet’ about this contest on Twitter.
Don’t know what to say on Twitter? Me neither.

My Twitter account has been woefully neglected because I never feel like I have anything witty enough to say. So by tweeting you will actually be doing me a favor and forcing me to get all engage-y.

For those who want to keep it super simple you can just copy and paste this tweet:

” I just entered the travel inspired beauty giveaway @ramonapozek #theglobaldiva for a 6-piece #styli-style pencil kit. http://wp.me/pVbAZ-st ”

Of course you can tweet whatever you’d like (as long as it’s nice). Be sure to include #theglobaldiva in your tweet so that I can find your entry.

3. Like and Comment on Facebook
For a second bonus entry you can ‘like + comment’ at the global diva on Facebook using the same topics listed for the blog comments;

a.) your style -OR-
b.) your beautiful body part -OR-
c.) dream travel destination.

That’s it! I mean it this time.

That makes 3 possible entries. Feel free to do one or do all three. Your Choice!

On Sunday, June 3, 2012 at midnight, I will pick a random winner from all the entries and announce it here on Monday June 4th.

P.S. There are some Twitter rules against creating duplicate accounts to increase your chances for winning and such. I will let you read all about those on your own here.

I hope this turns out be a simple as I had hoped. I can over think things so feel free to leave any feedback. I, also, plan to host a beauty giveaway at least 2 or 3 times a month, so be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out!

Thanks and Good Luck!!!!

—–Styli-Style has in no way paid for or endorsed this contest or review——-