I love Brits, yeah yeah yeah!

I know I’ve said this before, but, it warrants saying again, I love the Brits! What’s not to love about the British?

Britain is the little island from which the big idea of America was conceived. It‘s the place where something as enormous as the Atlantic Ocean could be nonchalantly referred to as “the pond”. It’s the land of all things, “cheeky” “blimely” and “crikey”! It’s the magic of Harry Potter, the romance of Jane Austen and all the delightful pomp and circumstance of Downton Abbey.

When watching Mick Jagger at the age of 68, rock his little “bum” the way that only Jagger can, it is clear that the US has been the lucky recipient of some spectacular British imports; The Stones, Gerard Butler (ahhh…Gerard Butler), Mrs.O, Gordon Ramsey, and Seal, just to name a scant few.

Gerard Butler

Even this season’s American Next Top Model features all-star models from the UK and the former AMNTM British judge, Twiggy, recently launched her LONDON line on HSN.

Twiggy London

Twiggy, the 60’s fashion icon has created a line of clothing and accessories that is campy, kitsch and union jack fun. My personal favorite is her Union Jack handbag; it comes in both red and grey and screams “Oi, Mate!”

Clarks Union Jack Desert Boot

We can’t leave the guys out of the Brit-o-fun! Clarks Originals Desert Boot® Union Jack Edition is available at Clarks USA. This cult classic men’s boot was inspired by the crepe-soled boots worn by British officers in World War II and hasn’t changed in over 60 years. And while we are on the subject of British footwear, we’ve got to give a shout out to all things Doc Martens.

After you’ve gotten yourself all decked out in UK wear, you should head on over to New York City’s Greenwich Ave in the Village, where there’s a bit a buzz about this area one day being declared “Little Britain”.

A legitimate campaign was launch back in 2007 by Virgin Atlantic Airways and the very British owners of the teashop Tea & Sympathy, where earl grey tea and scones with clotted cream reign supreme.

While in “Little Britain” be sure to check out A Salt & Battery for fish and chips, wash down an order of chips and HP sauce with London Pride beer from tap over at Whitehall, or stop by The Spotted Pig for a helping of steak-and-kidney pie.

Lulu Guinness handbag

You can also shop for whimsical handbags at nearby Lulu Guinness or head up to 14th Street for shops by equally ‘Brit-tacular’ couture designer brands Catriona MacKechnie, Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney.

Creative types can muse the literary & lyrical while sitting where Dylan Thomas, Jack Kerouac and Bob Dylan once sat at the bohemian White Horse Tavern or visiting John Lennon’s First New York Apartment on Bank Street.

Strawberry Fields Memorial

If you are really bonkers with Anglophilia (like me) you may also want to try venturing out of the Village and visit Jones Wood Foundry on the Upper East Side, the Wren on the Bowery, Churchill in Kips Bay or the Strawberry Fields Memorial in Central Park. Oh, what jolly good fun! (sorry… couldn’t help myself)