It's not too late!…to make someone's travel dreams come true!

So it’s down to the wire over at My Destination’s Biggest, Baddest Buck List Contest. Where one crazy lucky winner will get the chance to travel to 6 destinations of their choice over 6 amazing months with 50,000 smackeroos in their pocket to boot (wait, why didn’t I enter this contest again?). Anywho, one of my very favorite travel bloggers, Lesley Carter from Bucketlist Publications  is one very smart cookie because she did enter and to top it off, she’s currently in third place!

photo courtesy of Lesley Carter

But lets not be too confident because we all know just how quickly things can change out here in the digital votesphere. The top 5 entries that are voted by the general voting public like you and me along with 5 entries hand-selected by the folks at My Destination get to go on to the finals.


Why is Lesley so ubercool you say? Well, not only does she inspire others to follow their travel dreams by sharing her experiences on her blog, she has also been known to make other people’s dreams come true by the fulfilling the buck list wishes of strangers out the kindness of her own pocket!  I guess you can consider her the budding Oprah of Travel. Here’s a previous post that I blogged about “Leslie the Good-hearted” a while back.

So get out your magic wand and click here to vote for Lesley.

Best of luck to the lovely Lesley Carter and may all her bucket list dreams come true.