Luggage that speaks!… to me


This past week I was in JCP shopping for one of the amazing new LULU handbags that I wrote about here and I needed to take a detour to go to the little girls/big girls/powder/rest/room. While making a beeline through luggage, I nearly wet my pants in excitement when I bumped into this African print inspired confetti-colored marvel by Nigerian expat turned London designer, Duro Olowu.

Duro Olowu at JCP
Duro Olowu at JCP


I am not kidding when I say, that this luggage literally spoke to me, urging me to take it home. The best thing about this luggage is that you can totally take a load off and have a seat over in the wayback at  baggage claim, because you will have no problem spotting this case on the  conveyor belt from a clear mile away. At $90 for the 21″ upright, this luggage is currently out of my full-time college student budget, but I’m saving up for the future.

jcp tote

In the meantime this Duro Olowu painted basket weave tote is just big enough to carry everything a traveling diva and her brood would need for those long plane rides, best of all, it’s a tad more reasonable at $50.