Lure of the Lair; where the Snow Queen retreats & regenerates.

Even though, the sun played peek-a-boo today, teasing me with the promise of “sprinter” finally coming
to an end, it’s still unseasonably cold and my mind dances with visions of my inner snow queen.

Ahh…the regal snow queen sequestered in her palace of snow and ice. Sure its cold, but she’s the snow queen, too powerful to be concerned with the cold’s effects. She spends her days and nights frocked in a full regalia of velvet, brocade and glimmering diamonds…and don’t forget the tiara, which she sleeps in, of course, while lying on a royal bed fashioned from ice.

The IceHotel in Sweden would be the perfect home away from home for the woman who needs nothing, demands everything, and is in very much in touch with her inner frost princess. With prices starting at 1340 Swedish Krona or $210 US (double), this Jukkasjärvi destination features walls, furnishings and even drinking glasses constructed completely from ice.

Best of all, in the true spirit of the “natural order of things”, each spring this glacial oasis melts and trickles back down to the river from which it was built. Then like in a story book, the serene waters of the Torne River spend the summer awaiting the arctic frost of winter and the magical beckoning of its mistress the snow queen. Patiently waiting until she commands her wintery ice palace to stand once again.

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