Mohops: The Perfect Shoe — Dancing In My Head

Mohop high thong
Mohop – Moped Flats $84

Whenever I pack for a trip, I find myself in a dilemma over which shoes to take with me. Pumps? Flats? Comfy wedges? I need versatility but I don’t want to be stuck with only neutral black and brown shoes to go with all my outfits. I’ve always thought “wouldn’t it be great if there was one pair of shoes that I could wear in a bunch of different ways with loads of different outfits?

Mohop high thong
Mohop – Mokobo High Thong $168

I fancy myself an inventor/designer of sorts, so for years, I have been working on the perfect pair of interchangeable shoes in my head. These shoes would have straps that you can tie in an infinite number of ways to create different looks. So I can’t tell you how torn I was when I discovered Mohop Shoes. I was partly excited and partly mortified, to put it mildly. Excited because the shoes are amazing, mortified because they are so similar to the shoes that I have been designing in my head all this time.

mohop flats
Mohop – Low Slide $124

Admittedly, with prices averaging at around $124, Mohops are a bit more high-end than what I had in mind for my own shoes. The shoes in my head are made for traveling and after having the experience of once leaving behind one shoe of my favorite pair of Ferragamo’s at while on a trip, I tend to not travel with shoes that I have paid over $100 for. However, there are some added benefits to Mohops that make them well worth the price.

  • Mohop is a woman owned, eco-friendly company founded by the amazing Annie Mohaupt.
  • Each pair of shoes has soles which are created using sustainably sourced wood.
  • The sandals are handmade in Chicago.
  • They are incredibly comfortable due to their ergonomically carved footbeds.
  • Each pair comes with 7 interchangeable sets of ribbons in an organza pouch — which is perfect for packing.
  • With each order, Mohop includes 7 inspiration cards with step-by-step illustrations demonstrating just a few ways to style your sandals .
mohop mid wedge
Mohop – Moped Mid Wedge

Mohops can be purchased at stores in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, and Seattle as well as in Canada. They can also be purchased online and via their Etsy shop, where, if you are a girl with a slightly larger foot, you can catch a great bargain from time to time.

I have a pretty average sized foot, so I will have to shell out the full price and even though I love a deal,  I am sure they will be worth it.

Meanwhile, I suppose its time to suspend the shoe production machine in my head, which will happily leave more room for dreams about Paris travels.

How about you, do you own a pair of Mohops? Do you love them?