Morrocan Inspiration — Creative Challenge Day 5

There’s nothing like sqeaking in just under the wire! From the looks of the order of the pics posted by Goodwill’s Upcycle Contest on Facebook, I was the last to enter.

For my second entry, I created a Morrocan inspired bedside table using old cookie and poopcorn tins that I purchased from Goodwill. Here’s the method of my creative madness:

The Inspiration:

The Materials:

4 round tins w/lids of varied sizes (2 at $.99 & 2 at $.49)(goodwill)
1 round tin lid only ($.24 for tin + lid)(goodwill)
1 wooded lazy susan ($2.99)(goodwill)
1 silver serving tray ($.49)(goodwill)
approx. 20 pages of texts from quote book ($.89) goodwill)
vintage ribbon ($1.99 for bag of 10 assorted spools) goodwill)
aluminium foil (already owned)
acrylic paint (already owned)
glue (already owned)

The Process for Decoupage Tins:

The Process for Painted Tins:

The Mistake:

As you can see I got a little happy gluing the quotes and the ribbon onto the tin. So much so, that I couldn’t get the lid back on it. So unfortunately, I had to undo some of the magic on this tin in order to complete the assembly.

The Result:

Photos for the contest entrys have been posted on Amazing Goodwill’s Facebook page. Feel free to click through to like either of my projects on Facebook. The project with the most votes wins a $50 Goodwill gift card. Voting ends April 23, 2012. In order for your vote to count though, you’ll have to like Amazing Goodwill first. Thanks for voting.