My love affair with El Patrón

It’s shocking, I know, but I find myself in the passionate throes of a full-out love affair with – – of all things- – tequila. Not just any tequila, but Patrón, a gorgeous American tequila that’s crafted in Mexico and sold in beautiful hand-blown bottles that have been individually numbered.

My love for Patrón is strong, but stronger than my love for this exquisite tequila in my cocktail glass is my adoration for the brand and the story behind it.

Patrón was started by John Paul Jones DeJoria, one half the masterminds behind the John Paul Mitchell Systems haircare brand.

I remember the first time the incredible aroma of  Paul Mitchell’s Awapuhi shampoo delighted my senses back in beauty school. There was nothing else like it on the market and I am sure this is when my puppy love began.

John Paul Mitchell Systems was one of first brands to even consider the use of natural, holistic or aroma-therapeutic ingredients in haircare and the line has NEVER engaged in animal testing…ever!

John Paul DeJoria

Even more impressive is John Paul Jones DeJoria’s inspirational “rags to riches” story of an impoverished kid from a broken home who endures run ins with a street gang before finally landing in the foster care system.

Suffering many false starts as an adult, DeJoria, tried his hand at everything from serving in the Navy to selling  encyclopedias,  copying machines and insurance  door-to-door while still homeless and living in his car.

Finally, in the 80’s after  finding a niche in the haircare sales industry, DeJoria met the prominent hairstylist and recent yogi, Paul Mitchell and together they started the Paul Mitchell haircare line with a brilliant idea and only $700.

Over the years, the two Pauls have grown the brand into a multi-million dollar corporation and have supported countless community organizations and global charities.

In 1989, DeJoria created the Patrón Spirits Company with an equally passionate commitment to global giving.  Crafted entirely from blue agave, Patrón tequila comes in five distinct varieties; Silver, Añejo, Reposado, Gran Patrón Platinum and Gran Patrón Burdeos as well as in a coffee version called Patrón XO Cafe. 

I would attempt to pick a favorite, but it would be in vain. Drinking any one of these incarnations is like drinking in everything beauty & fashion, global giving and the American success story. And that’s enough for me.

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