Oh for the love of Bali!

I did it again. I read Eat, Pray, Love. Well not the whole way through. Just a couple of the chapters near the end, really. The part about Bali is so romantic. The way Liz Gilbert describes Bali and her little private bungalow feels even more romantic to me than her relationship with Felipe, played by the mucho sexy-o Javier Bardem in the movie.

Thanks to the book, it’s easy to imagine your own Balinese experience complete with balmy climates, open-air bathrooms, a lush garden outside your bedroom and daily visits to your own personal healer or guru.

Bali is rather cheap, especially for Westerners. Once you get over the initial cost of airfare, you could easily claim a Bali adventure for about 20% of the expense of the US or Europe.

On an average day, a girl can score herself a Big Mac (not the YOU eat that stuff) for less than $1.50, street food from a vendor is even less. You can get your all important brazilian wax for around $5 and either a haircut or a mani-pedi for just about $2.

If you are staying long-term, you could even find a brilliant 2 bedroom apartment for $250 a month on Craigslist.

Only staying for a few days? Beach side spa hotels start at a about $35 a night, while another search on Craigslist brought results for private bungalows complete with maid service and daily breakfast only $200 week.

If you are not into luxuries and are willing to keep it simple in order to keep it cheap, then try one of the many hostels in Ubud or Seminyak for as low as $8 a night, be sure to book at least 3 nights for the best rate. www.hostelworld.com