PRESENTS! -Day 1 of 100happydays


Ah, presents and the joys of gift giving!

Although I am clear that there is so much more to the Spirit of Christmas than buying or making gifts to give to our loved ones, presents are a very big part of the holiday season. When else do we dedicate so much of our time and effort solely to focusing on seeking out clothing, tools, toys, and gadgets purely for the purpose of bringing happiness to others? For various reasons, I personally did not give or get any presents this year, however, I can usually be found getting carried away with gift giving. I love searching for that perfect gift for someone special, scouring for the absolute best rock bottom prices, and gift wrapping myself into a fine frenzy until each and every package looks like a perfect work of art. Now that Christmas is officially over in most parts of the world, it does my heart good to think of the little ones resting comfortably in their beds with visions of their favorite new gift dancing in their dreams. Tomorrow they will awake ready to give that new toy or gift yet another spin. Christmas mavens like myself will also rise early to hit the stores or the internet intent on getting a head start on spotting great bargains on next year’s presents with a bit of a smile and a lightness of heart.

day 1