Say no to sombreros

Ugly Betty courtesy of abc

So you’re in Mexico City. You’ve seen the pre-Hispanic architecture, visited the Frida Kahlo Museum and eaten pastries at Cafe El Popular.

Now it’s time to get some shopping done. You’ve gotta  get your cursory souvenir haul complied before you head home or risk your friends and family never speaking to you again.


Shopping in Mexico City can be dichotomous in nature.

On one hand, you have the government run Fonart and Bazar Sábado featuring a bevy of sombreros, traditional pottery and ancient artifact replicas.

On the other hand,  you have high-end  shops on Presidente Street selling clothes by well-known Italian designers (and you could pretty much get that anywhere).

Fortunately, a few young Mexican fashion designers are striving to fill the divide and blur the line between chic and kitsch in Mexican wares.

Here a few Mexico City shops and designers to look out for:

Pineda Covalin

Cristina Pineda and Ricardo Covalin are a couple of Mexican designers whose personal mission is to expand the richness of Mexican culture all around the world.They take traditional Mexican textiles and cultural influences and transform them into high fashion silk apparel, handbags and accessories.

Luckily, the creators of this line have positioned themselves in boutiques located in upscale hotels and airports all across Mexico, making it even easier to elevate your souvenir buying prowess.

If for some reason, you are unlucky enough not to come across one of the many shops that carry Pineda Covalin in Mexico City, you can always order online when you get home, although, admittedly the selection is not nearly as vast.

However, your friends will be none the wiser and your secret is safe with me.


This 100% natural clothing company specializes in natural or raw fabric with a comfortable and airy feel. This collection features both a men’s and women’s line with a strong casual Caribbean influence.

You can find the shops of Ayllu at Francisco Sosa 9 in Mexico City.  You can also visit their website at Unfortunately, they currently do not have an online shopping cart. But they may be willing to take a phone order in pinch (it’s worth a try). Tel: 055 5538 8564

Tatei at Headquarters

What could be more fun than a Japanese anime influenced street clothing and accessory line created by Guadalajara company called Tatéi? I can’t think of anything.

 Tatéi can be found in the hip & edgy urban boutique called Headquarters.

Along with Tatei, you’ll find Mexican retro-chic t-shirt brands like Remeritas and Sweet & Dandy in this uber trendy shop located at  Atlixco 118  Colonia Condesa, Mexico City.  Tel: 055 5211 7389

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