Self-Hosted and Flying Free

self hosted, Flying Eagle body painting

I have finally moved this site to self-hosting with a paid theme and I am flying free! Well, I’m free anyway. The feeling like I was flying part only lasted for about 4 minutes before I realized that, thanks to migrating from free WordPress to paid, I lost all of my WordPress followers in the process.

When I was researching how to migrate my site (because I am hopelessly non-techie and can’t do anything without google), I do remember coming across a forum that mentioned that there was a way to keep your WP followers. But wouldn’t ya know, I could not find that forum again when I went back for it. In the process, I also lost WP’s fast and easy “like” button which used to appear at the bottom of each post, a loss I am very melancholy over.

So, if anyone knows how to retrieve your list of lost followers (I’m fairly sure the “like” button is gone for good) or if you have a link to that forum, please let me know. Ha! That’s kind of a funny request considering that I’ve just mentioned that I have no followers at the moment, which surly means that no one will read this.

Here’s to my new found freedom! I am now free to add a slew of pay-per-click ads to my site – which I have no idea how to do, and I can immediately start posting some fancy affiliate links –a process that I would first have to research. But what can I say? I’m all about the baby steps here— the slow and very unsteady race, as it were.

It’s just as the Chinese philosopher, Confucius, once said,

“It doesn’t matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop”.

I’m not sure if my beloved readers will agree. Ha! That’s right, I don’t have any! It looks like I really am free! Free to make an total idiot of myself here and nobody will notice. It’s sort of liberating when you think about it. Coincidently, if you are actually reading this, you are not a nobody and thanks for the read.

Feel free to click the imaginary “like” button here ________.