Surprises in the Korean Garden

It’s so close to spring, I can hardly stand it. The weather is finally breaking, but it’s still a little windy (this is Chicago, by the way) and rainy. I long for days spent lazily in the park or days spent meandering through beautiful peaceful gardens and taking pictures.

While searching the web for pics of Asian gardens to use as daydreaming inspiration, I found the work Korean artist Keysook Geum.

Sculptures by Keysook Geum

From her studio in Seoul, former textile/costume designer turned artist and professor, Geum, sculpts these philosophical works of light and shadow play from colorful iron, wire and intricate beading. Her work has been displayed internationally and most recently at Callan Contemporary Art Gallery in New Orleans, LA. Prints of her sculptures can, also, be purchased from Chicago’s Andrew Bae Gallery through Artnet.

For even more gardens of grace and serenity, check out photos of the “Osaka Korean Garden” found at

photos courtesy of Garden House Style

Na-jung-e bwae-yo! 나중에 봬요! – See you later!