PRESENTS! -Day 1 of 100happydays


Ah, presents and the joys of gift giving! Although I am clear that there is so much more to the Spirit of Christmas than buying or making gifts to give to our loved ones, presents are a very big part of the holiday season. When else do we dedicate so much of our time and effort solely to focusing on seeking out clothing, tools, toys, and gadgets purely for the purpose of bringing happiness to others? For various reasons, I personally...

I'm so lucky! Its a Christmas Candy Overload.

There’s nothing like a trip to World Market to make me feel like a candy chompin’ kid again. It’s so cold out, plus its finals week, so I have been hunkering down with some of my Christmas favs from Germany. I used to love receiving a chocolate Advent calendar every year before Christmas. Most of the calendars that you buy start on December 1st, just to make it easy, and count down to December 25th. With every day, you patiently...