global food


Sipping Japanese Choya in the Park


It’s so awesome to finally begin to have a taste of spring outside! On my recent trip to World Market–my favorite store, of course– I was pleased to find that they have an alluring array of picnic-sized eats and drinks from all over the globe. And I do love eats and drinks! There among a bevy of dried Spanish chorizo, German cookies, French jams and bellinis were these lovely little bottles of Japanese Choya Wine with a bonus plum inside....

The joy of global shopping.

I’ll admit, I’m not the greatest travel souvenir shopper. I tend to travel on a very small shoe-string (budget that is) so there is usually very little to buy extras with. Plus, I hate the feeling that comes with haggling on a price in one stall or store, just to see the same item for less than what I paid for it in the very next one I walk into. Not to mention, the brain strain of trying to decipher...