A Bright Idea! Watts Of Love

watts of love

Did you know that over a billion people live without light after the sun goes down? Families in countries all around the world struggle to survive on the light of a single kerosene lamp the size of a baby food jar. What’s worse is that these kerosene jars provide very little light while emitting toxic fumes that can lead to neurological damage and blood clots after long-term exposure. In the most desperate situations, a family can spend 65% of its...

Free To Travel Friday: Some sweepstakes to get you going…literally!

It’s time to get out your lucky penny, grab that rabbit’s foot, (do they still sell those?) pluck a four-leaf clover and try your luck at fulfilling your travel dreams in the best way possible…on someone else’s dime. Here are this week’s favorite picks for travel sweepstakes and contests that are super easy to enter and are ending super soon. Free and Easy Traveler offers 10, 20 and 40-day group adventure tours to places like Thailand, the Philippines, Costa Rica,...