A Trip to Graceland: The Home of Elvis

On our road trip from Florida to Chicago, my big sister and I decided to stop by Memphis, Tennessee to visit Elvis Presley’s Graceland. I had visited Tennessee before, both Nashville, which is an amazing city filled with music, fantastic restaurants, and night life and Chattanooga, which is well, sort of the opposite of Nashville (sorry, “Nooga”). I had, however, never had the fortune to travel to Memphis or Graceland before. My big sister is sort an Elvis nut, I...

Road Tripping: Best Rest Area Ever

Georgia Rest Stop

On I-75 North somewhere between Florida and Tennessee stands one awesome Georgia rest stop. I suppose it more of a Visitors Center actually, complete with maps, pamphlets, friendly Georgia tourism information agents and exceptionally clean restrooms. The best part is the comfy chill-out area with flat screen tv and groovy leather sofas complete with lumbar support. I’ve got to admit, it was pretty hard to get back behind the wheel of the rental car after stretching my legs in such...