The Blue Lagoon: not just make believe after all?

I love the Citi commercial that shows an American spa owner serenely wading in a hot spring in Iceland, whilst pondering the wonders of Icelandic mud on both her skin and her business.

Believing that Icelandic mud was just another fountain of youth-esque urban legend, I thought…hmpt, wouldn’t that be great…too bad magic mud from Iceland doesn’t even exist.

Low and behold, I was wrong. Did I just admit to being wrong?

Maybe it’s not the greatest thing to admit to, especially as a makeup artist and beauty guru. But now that I know that there’s a mineral mud in Iceland which possessed a bevy of healthful qualities, I am dying to share it with everyone.

NLFI Center

NLFI Rehabilitation Center

Hveragerdi mud baths promise to increase the blood supply to the skin, slow the effects of aging on skin, treat acne, even out skin tone, as well as, treat sore muscles, arthritic pain and headaches.

Treatment at the NLFI Health and Rehabilitation Clinic in Hveragerdi is a prescription that Icelanders swear by. For about the price of a Chicago burrito you can treat yourself to a 15 minute miracle mud bath. NLFI also offers a myriad of healthful treatments like herbal baths, massage and acupuncture for less than$12 US each.

Most amazingly you can also book yourself a 14 day Health Package which includes accommodations, meals, a gym with pool, daily group walks with a trainer and 8… count em…8 massage, mud bath or herbal treatments for only kr. 188.860. That’s no misprint. We’re talking $223 US!

Blue Lagoon Mud

Blue Lagoon

So while we are on the subject of things I didn’t know. I also did not know that the Blue Lagoon is real. Perhaps you are like me and you have faint but stark images of a nearly naked Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins running around a make believe tropical island in Blue Lagoon the movie.

Well that star-crossed couple would freeze to death in the real Blue Lagoon located in Iceland. Although it’s really not an island, this geothermal water source is located in a lava field in Grindavík on the Reykjanes Peninsula. The waters in the Blue Lagoon maintain an average temperature of 37–39 °C or 98–102 °F. They are also rich in minerals like silica and sulphur and have been credited with healing bathers who suffer from a laundry list of skin issues.

Blue Lagoon Hotel

With more than 400,000 visitors annually, the spa facilities are open 365 days a year and offer amenities such as bathing (after shower) with towel rental for 35 euros to spa packages with skin care treatments and a fruit plate with tea for two at 145 euros. Full course meals at the spa’s restaurant and overnight accommodations are also available.

Call +354 420 8800 for reservations.

Blue Lagoon Skincare

The spa also created the aptly named Blue Lagoon, the world’s first natur-ceutical skincare brand. By harvesting and packaging the white clay lava found in the Blue Lagoon, everyone can experience it’s healing wonders without even having to travel to Iceland.

The Blue Lagoon Icelandic Silica Mud Mask retails for $100 and it exfoliates dead skin, refines pores and strengthens skin’s barrier function. This geothermal mud will bring out the skin’s inner glow by giving it a vital energy boost and smoothing out the complexion. Best of all you can use it on both the face and the body.