The Royal Wedding: oh to be a weddi-nista?

Fiona Hanson/AP Photo

Okay, so the truth is, I have tried my best to avoid all things Royal Wedding, which hasn’t been easy. As a self-proclaimed Brit-o-phile (sorry anglophile just sounds way too limiting considering all Brits are certainly not Anglo), I’ve felt a little underwhelmed over all the  hoopla about the marriage of Prince William to Kate Middleton.  Maybe it’s due to my current single status or the fact that up until recently I have kinda had the Brits all to myself, so to speak.

I’ve only had to share them with others geeky sorts like myself who watch episodes of Doctor Who, Mi-5, Hustle and my personal favorite, Keeping Up Appearances while speaking in a cockney accent during commercial breaks.

I get my Brit fix watching BBC America and PBS and old videos of Absolutely Fabulous. I didn’t see the need to watch hour after hour of news coverage from a hundred different channels, when I could better spend my time, um… sleeping.  But, alas, as the 5am start time arrived, my resolve fell short and I found myself glued to the telecast, wishing I was there, wearing a fancy hat and my favorite red lipstick. (sad face)

Since I couldn’t be there and I have a hunch you couldn’t  be there either, I propose we steal a little Royal Wedding Style…shall we?

The Royal Hats

Apparently hats are quite the big deal in Britain. British girls are known to let their hair down and don a hat for festive occasions and what occasion could be, well… festive-er?

In the British spirit of the bolder the hat-the better the hat, this white bustle bow hat with feathers topped with a bit of brooch-y bling is the perfect bold statement for some heady fun.

$99 US at

Not that bold? A tad more understated and a lot easier on the pocket-book is this basket weave floppy hat with a scalloped edge and rope trimmings. The neutral color and scallop detail makes this the perfect accessory for any outfit that needs a smidge of playfulness.

Only $12.80 from

But if you’re not afraid of the ba-bling ba-bling, then you should go all out in this too cute tiara from Forever 21. You’ll  spend very little cha-ching cha-ching to look like stylish royalty without ever having to mess up your hair. Duh, Winning!

An insane steal at $9.80 at

The Engagement

Just can’t get enough? You are not alone. 24 hours after William and Kate announced their engagement, the navy dress she wore for the event was sold out. Luckily, the folks at Issa have made more and you can get your very own navy silk-jersey wrap-around dress for a mere $535 at

On the other hand (or finger) you could opt to save yourself about $500 bucks and snag a replica of the engagement ring that William gave Kate instead. is featuring a KJL Princess Simulated Sapphire Ring fashioned after the famed ring once belonging to Princess Di herself. Get this royal stunner for a low low $39.95 US ( er…I’ll take the cheaper option for 100 , Alex).