Therapy Caves around the world…Breathe in the Salty Goodness!

Timeless Day Spa

I briefly had the opportunity to experience a salt room in the Chicago area. This was a manmade cave where the floor, ceiling and even the walls were constructed out of salt. The air inside of the cave is believed to have amazing healing effects on the body like easing tension, reliving allergies, help hypertension and heart problems, even cure hangovers.

Manmade salt caves, like the one at Timeless Day Spa near Chicago are built from thousands of pounds of salt that has been shipped in from the Dead Sea, the Himalayas and Eastern Europe. The therapy is ancient, going back as far as the 1200’s and the healing effects are believed to come from the iodine, bromine, magnesium, iron, calcium, sodium and potassium that exist in the salt filled the air. It is reported, however, to require multiple sessions for optimal results.

If you too are ready to get in on the salty good healing, here’s a short list of some of the more famous salt caves around the world, perhaps there’s one near you.

The Sanatorium of the Salt Mine Bochnia, Poland
. Located in the Wazyn chamber about 250 meters below the earth’s surface, Bochnia is the oldest known salt cave in existence. In addition to medical facilities and inhalation rooms, the sanatorium is equipped with a gym, table tennis, sports gear and deckchair rental as well as a snack bar. Excite Poland offers packages which include full facility access, salt therapy sessions, massages, and doctor’s consult along with 7, 11 and 14-night accommodations with meals starting at only 299 Euros.

Salt Mine Wieliczka, Poland. This 13th century salt mine consists of 9 levels, 327 meters underground and contains nearly 300 km of galleries and 3000 chambers of magnificent chapels, salt sculptures and underground lakes. It also houses a salt rehabilitation and therapy center called Lake Wessel, in existence since the 18th century. One-day, seven-hour health, wellness, beauty and relaxation packages start at only 60 euros.

Taba Heights Salt Cave, Egypt
. A newly manmade cave built entirely out of salt brought from the nearby Siwa Oasis and the Dead Sea. This salt cave is the first natural healing center of its kind in Egypt. The creators of this cave have installed gorgeous walls and ceiling structures complete with stalactites, as well as, an expertly designed color-therapy light display that is sure to soothe your weary senses.

Galway Salt Spa, Ireland
. Recently installed in the Radisson Blu Hotel & Spa in Galway Ireland, this manmade salt cave is situated inside the hotel complex. Only two minutes from the city’s center, it’s a remarkably effective therapeutic setting where you are invited to “ inhale…exhale…recover”. A 45 minute salt session starts at about 25 Euros.

Can’t get to a salt cave? Try a Himalayan Salt Lamp. Carved out of 100% salt crystal, the heat from the bulb activates the crystal, which releases minerals into the air while providing your room with a relaxing hue. I found this one at the Vitamin Shoppe for only $24.99.