Travel pictures in my head

Bon Appetit, Scarlat by Scanlan

When I’m not traveling,  I find myself wishing I was traveling or day dreaming about the trips I would love to take. Before you know it, I ‘m browsing  Sherman’s top 25 , Travelzoo and Kayak for great fantasy travel deals.  Or I’ll go all blurry eyed, scouring  matador and  lonely planet for travel tales (or war stories) about amazing and distant locales.

Lake Bled by Scanlan

Every once in a while,  I’ll even break out the old memory cards to relive my previous excursions through pictures. Though, by trade I am an artist and photographer, my digital souvenirs rarely hold a candle to the vivid splendor of my recollections and imaginings.

Devine Light, Tuscany by Scanlan

Luckily, I recently came across the work of  fellow artists/photographers, John and Debora Scanlan whose work capture travel destinations more beautifully than even my most lucid memories.

The Fragalioni by Scanlan

When I first laid eyes on one of these life-sized prints by the talented duo, while at a midwest art show, I thought I died and gone to Venetian heaven. Somehow, seeing their work doesn’t make me  sad about not traveling, just eager to do it again.

Hope they inspire you, too.

For more info on their work (and how to buy if you’re so inclined) check out their site