Travel Style: Convertible & Transformer dresses

It’s finally May!

As the summer travel season draws closer, visions of tropical adventures are starting to dance in my head. A question to consider that is nearly as important as where to go, is the question of what to pack!

I like to travel on a tight budget, so a trip that requires buying a new wardrobe or expensive gear gets the boot in fairly short order. I tend to go light on clothing pieces and save room in my suitcase for cute accessories, essential beauty/hair items -that aren’t so easily replaced- and my electronics security blanket (to thine own self be true).

I like to pack items that pull double or triple duty and can wear multiple times with no one being the wiser.

The Convertible wrap by Enwrapture.

If you haven’t at least tried one of these on, you are missing out! Created out of a patchwork of Indian silks, the company claims that you can wear this skirt/shirt/wrap combo 1000 ways. I am sure that’s true, but the average gal can only reasonably be expected to remember 8 or so, which is a lot for one item in my book. The tinier you are, the more trips the fabric will make around your body offering a greater variety. There is, also, a bevy of belly baring styles available that I am in no position to wear.

There is a instructional DVD available for purchase or you can watch the videos on Youtube. The wrap comes in lengths varying from 20″-36″ and can be purchased at $30-$60 based on your desired length.

PS. I almost always prefer to where shorts or a tube top under this for added “security”.

The Marilyn convertible dress by Monif C.

Finally, a convertible dress has been created for uber curvy girls who require a generous amount of fabric. More of an old school “infinity dress”, this dress come in both a maxi and a knee-length A-line version, as well as, a huggy knee-length ruche style. You can find it at both Monif C and Lane Bryant.

The Transformer by Von Vonni.

Von Vonni also makes a gorgeous version of the “transformer dress” in short and maxi lengths for girls with slighter frames. Prices for both dresses run between $115-$235. If the price is a bit daunting, you can always peruse etsy for talented sorts who offer handmade (some made-to-order) versions of this versatile dress from $35 and up.