Tuesday Tunes: So Ein Schöner Tag!

October is almost over and sadly, I have been so busy that I don’t have one moment of arm-linked singing under an Oktoberfest tent nor a single sip from a beer stein to show for it. Feeling nostalgic, I scoured youtube in search of a bit of lederhosen fun until I came across this video. “So Ein Schöner Tag/ Fliegerlied” isn’t a traditional Oktoberfest song like “Ein Prosit” (Oans- Zwoa- Drei- G’SUFFA!) but over the past 5 years or so it has become a popular beer tent staple. This, of course, is primarily because it demands that you try not to fall on your nose while dancing along.

The song title means “Today is Such a Beautiful Day or the Flier Song” and the lyrics require that merrymakers fly, jump and swim along to this catchy tune while filling themselves with pint after pint of ale or stout. This video by the German band Die Jungen Zillertaler graciously shows the audience the dance moves before getting the party into full swing.

Feel free to join me in dancing along like a crazy person next to your computer! Ready? Oans- Zwoa- Drei !!!

“Today is Such a Beautiful Day (Flier song)”

I like to lay in the grass
and look up at the sky.

Don’t all the clouds look funny?

And a plane flies past,
and I wave up at it.

(Kids: “Hello flier”)

And if you’re there too,
then I feel fantastic.

And I fly, fly, fly,
like a plane
am so strong, strong, strong
like a tiger
and so tall, tall, tall like a giraffe
and tall all-oh-oh
and I jump, jump, jump
and keep on jumping
and I swim, swim, swim
over to you
and I take, take, take
you by the hand
because I like you

and I say
Today is such a beautiful day – la, la, la, la, la


English translations thanks to oktoberfest-songs.com