Who says you can't take it with you?

While preparing for a year of volunteer travel, I am finding my current luggage to be lacking in the versatility department. Which is really sad considering the sheer volumes of luggage that I own. Okay maybe not volumes, but I do own nearly 10 pieces of luggage. Which may not seem like that much, especially, if it’s a set of premium designer high fashion luggage. Unfortunately, my luggage to date would more likely fall into the mish mash of old/new/department store/discount store/inherited-from-who-knows-where category of suitcases.

Usually I wouldn’t care too much about it, after all, it’s more about the clothes and haircare products held within it, right? But a year is a long time and a year of volunteer travel somehow feels like even longer. I mean who knows where I will wind up? It’s not as though I will spend the next 12 months shuffling from one four-star hotel to next. In fact there may be very few hotels, if any, in my near future. There may even be some camping. Wait, I don’t know about the camping, perhaps some rustic cabin-ing.

It’s been established that I am a bit of a Diva, but I am willing to stretch what that means. Afterall, I will be travelling cheaply, often exchanging work for food and accommodations and exploring the concept of work as love in action. But let’s face it, I am no backpacker.

I need luggage that is a reflection of my many faces as a traveler. And I think I may have found such luggage. There’s only one problem…the price. But, what’s great about this über pricey luggage is that it’s luggage with personality, three personalities actually.

  • It’s a duffel that has foam supports which makes it look more like a suitcase than a duffel bag.
  • It rolls, so I still get to feel like a jet setting rock star when I taxing the airport walkways
  • and it has hidden backpack straps for the days when a cab driver emphatically proclaims this is as far as he goes and kicks me out at the bottom of a steep rocky incline leading to an organic farm in Borneo.



As a budget traveler and a frugal shopper, it is hard to justify this type of purchase. My mind begins to reel when I think if all the things I could do and all the places I could go with 100 bucks. But on the upside, it available a Macy’s and I happen to have a $50 gift card left over from Christmas and I qualify for an out-of-state visitors pass which would give me an additional 10% discount. So with hand tightly clutched around my credit card, I’ve decided to go for it.

I only hope my brightly colored unmentionable don’t make their debut appearance before the world as my new hundred dollar luggage makes it’s maiden voyage down the conveyor in baggage claim.